Front Range Flight School
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About Front Range Flight School

Whether you are beginning a career in aviation or realizing the dream of a lifetime, Front Range Flight School is the flight training school for you. Do you want a private pilot’s license to soar the skies for travel and recreation? Interested in becoming part of the aviation industry that is in great need of commercial pilots?

If you are aspiring to have a professional career in aviation, Front Range Flight School provides flight training to obtain your private pilot license, instrument rating or to become a certified commercial single or multi-engine pilot or certified Flight Instructor. Due to the tremendous shortage of pilots in the aviation industry, we also offer job placement assistance for those who are looking to make a career out of flying.

Whatever your goals are, our instructors have the expertise and dedication to get you there at our extremely student-friendly flight school conveniently located in NE Denver at the Front Range Airport.

Call or come out to our offices to set-up a one-hour discovery flight, your first step into the exciting world of aviation.

Why is Front Range Flight School the right choice for you?

Both the Front Range Flight School and the Front Range Airport are committed to providing a completely student-friendly atmosphere, providing a safe and more comfortable experience as a flight student.

Our facilities are focused on creating a safe, friendly and fun environment for aspiring pilots to learn in the most effective and affordable manner possible.

Your time is important and the Front Range Flight School is conveniently located in NE Denver at the Front Range Airport - no need to fight traffic to get to our training site.

We offer a comprehensive variety of licensing options including Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor training.

Front Range Flight School boasts some of the most effective, experience and patient instructors that can be found.

With two types of aircraft in our fleet, the Cessna 172N and the Cessna 182RG, we can provide both a basic-training aircraft as well as a more high-performance flying experience.

Flight Training at Front Range Flight School

Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight is your no-risk, high-reward entry point into the world of private piloting. There’s no better way to decide if flying is for you than to actually get into the cockpit and experience the adrenaline rush, which is why we recommend a Discovery Flight as a first step for anyone considering flying lessons.


Learn to Fly

The Front Range Flight School and Aero Club offers different modes of flight training to help our pilots achieve a broad range of general and commercial aviation goals. We offer affordable, safe, and convenient programs to suit the many different needs of our pilots in training.


Private Pilot Training

A private pilot license grants you access to fly most single engine planes day or night, pending fair weather conditions. Learn basic flight maneuvers, take offs and landings, cross country flying, pilotage, dead reckoning, VOR and GPS navigation and basic instrument flying.


Instrument Rating Training

Flying in instrument meteorological conditions (low visibility and clouds) requires additional training. This is the next step for many in their flight training. Further developing ones flying skills with instrument training makes every pilot a more proficient and safer pilot.


Commercial Pilot Training

If you are learning to fly because you want to work as a pilot, this is a significant step for your professional preparation. The Front Range Flight School and Aero Club can help you meet minimum standards for commercial work including flight instruction, banner towing, commercial airline pilot and more.


Certified Flight Instructor Training

Front Range Flight School and Aero Club offers training for all instructor certificates and opportunities to instruct as one of our staff once training is complete. Contact us to speak about the different kinds of certificates. We are always looking for great instructors to add to our team.


Mountain Flying Certification

If you are a pilot in Colorado, you’ll want to consider mountain flight training. There’s no better way to view our state’s natural majesty and you’ll learn the skills needed to enjoy flights over mountain peaks, high deserts and the other geological wonders of Colorado.


Ground School

Learning to fly isn’t all adrenaline and thrills. Comprehensive instruction on the ground is critical to your success as a pilot (in addition to being part of license requirements) as this is where you’ll develop your knowledge of aircraft operations and safety that you will later apply on the ground as well as in the air.


Curious about what it feels like to fly a plane?

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The Front Range Airport and the folks in the control tower are so patient and helpful to students. I'm so glad I trained here rather at any other general aviation airport in the Denver area.

Craig Rathbun

Front Range Flight School has a beautiful facility and the friendliest staff and instructors.

Brian Conrad

I started my training in 2013, flying with Brian Eaton at Front Range Airport. I am now beginning my commercial pilot training, with the eventual goal of flying for an airline. Brian Eaton has prepared me for every challenge I’ve encountered and has taught me how to make flying enjoyable while keeping safety as a priority.

Spencer Nelson