Cessna 172N – N4847G

Cessna 172 Flight Training– N4847G | Front Range Flight School

Cessna 172N – N4847G – $112/hour wet

This is another great example of our 160 horse power, 430 WAAS standardized fleet. This C172N has long range tanks increasing its range with 50 gallons of usable fuel. It is also affordable, meticulously maintained and ideal for training or cross country trips. All of our aircraft are available for multi day rentals with daily minimums of as little as two hours per day.


  • PMA 8000 Audio Panel
  • Garmin 430 WAAS
  • Garmin 255 Com Nav 2
  • Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Equipped Transponder (Bluetooth Enabled)

Performance - Specifications

Maximum at Sea Level 125 Knots
Cruise, 75% Power at 8000 Feet 122 Knots
Vne (Never Exceed Speed) 160 KIAS
Vno (Max. Structural Cruising) 128 KIAS
75% Power at 8000 Feet:
50 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 630 Nautical Miles/Time: 5.3 hours
Maximum Range at 10,000 Feet:
50 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 750 Nautical Miles/Time: 7.4 hours
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 770 Feet Per Minute
Service Ceiling 14,200 Feet
Takeoff Performance:
Ground Roll 805 Feet
Landing Performance:
Ground Roll 520 Feet
Stall Speed (KCAS):
Flaps Up, Power Off 50 Knots
Flaps Down, Power Off 44 Knots
Maximum Weight:
Ramp 2,307 Pounds
Takeoff or Landing 2,300 Pounds
Standard Empty Weight 1,397 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load 910 Pounds
Baggage Allowance 120 Pounds
Fuel Capacity - Long Range Tanks 54 Gallons/50 Useable Gallons
Engine Avco Lycoming O-320-H2AD/160 BHP at 2700 RPM
Propeller 75 inch diameter/Fixed Pitch
Electrical System 28 Volt with Alternator
Wingspan 36 Feet