Flying Club

The airplanes listed below are available for rent (based upon availability) for the members of our Flying Club.

For more information, or to join, we invite you to check out our Join the Club page.

Cessna 172 Flight Training – N66091 | Front Range Flight School

Cessna 172Q – N66091 – $129/hour wet

This 1982 aircraft is well cared for C172Q. N66091, with its 180 BHP engine, is a well-equipped aircraft and makes an excellent IFR trainer as well as a very reliable airplane to build time in.

More Info: Cessna 172Q – N66091

Piper Archer PA28-201T N2127K – $155/hour wet

A great new addition to our club fleet, this Piper Archer comes with upgraded avionics and is a great airplane with minimal fuss on landings, crosswinds, and is a pleasure to fly.

More Info: Piper Archer PA28-201T N2127K

Super Stinson 108-3 Voyager – N617C – $134/hour wet

This beautiful tail-wheel plane has returned to the club under new ownership, with the same price as before. This is a great plane to experience tail-wheel operations in, and with its 50 gallon fuel capacity (46 usable), you'll also enjoy spending lots of time flying it.

More Info: Super Stinson 108-3 Voyager – N617C