Piper Arrow PA28-201T N2127K

Piper Arrow PA28-201T N2127K – $155/hour wet

A great new addition to our club fleet, this Piper Arrow comes with upgraded avionics and is a great airplane with minimal fuss on landings, crosswinds, and is a pleasure to fly.


  • Garmin 340 Auto Panel 
  • Garmin 530 WAAS
  • Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B Equipped Transponder (Bluetooth Enabled)
  • Garmin Dual G5 Primary Flight Display and HSI

Performance - Specifications

Best Rate of climb 79 KIAS
Best Angle of climb 97 KIAS


75% Power at 6000 Feet:
48 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 480 Nautical Miles
55% Power Maximum Range at 10,000 Feet:
48 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 650 Nautical Miles


Rate of Climb at Sea Level 740 Feet Per Minute
Service Ceiling 15,000 Feet
Takeoff Performance:
Ground Roll 999 Feet
Landing Performance:
Ground Roll 910 Feet
Stall Speed (KTS, IAS):
Flaps Up, Power Off 54 KTS
Flaps Down, Power Off 48 KITS
Maximum Weight:
Ramp 2,550 Pounds
Takeoff or Landing 2,550 Pounds
Standard Empty Weight 1,416 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load 1,134 Pounds
Baggage Allowance 200 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 74 Gallons / 72 Usable
Engine 180 HP o-360 Lycoming
Propeller 76 inch diameter/ Constant speed prop
Electrical System 14 Volt with Alternator
Wingspan 35 Feet