Cessna 172Q – N66091

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Cessna 172Q – N66091 – $129/hour wet

This 1982 aircraft is well cared for C172Q. N66091 is a well-equipped aircraft makes an excellent VFR and IFR trainer as well as a very reliable airplane to build time in.

Garmin 340 Audio Panel
Garmin 430 WAAS - IFR Certified
Arc Cessna RT-385A Com Nav 2
Garmin 327 Transponder

Performance - Specifications

Maximum at Sea Level 124 Knots
Cruise, 75% Power at 8500 Feet 122 Knots
Vne (Never Exceed Speed) 158 KIAS
Vno (Max. Structural Cruising) 127 KIAS
75% Power at 8500 Feet:
50 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 475 Nautical Miles/Time: 4 hours
Maximum Range at 10,000 Feet:
50 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 600 Nautical Miles/Time: 6.4 hours
Rate of Climb at Sea Level 680 Feet Per Minute
Service Ceiling 17,000 Feet
Takeoff Performance:
Ground Roll 960 Feet
Landing Performance:
Ground Roll 575 Feet
Stall Speed (KCAS):
Flaps Up, Power Off 53 Knots
Flaps Down, Power Off 48 Knots
Maximum Weight:
Ramp 2,558 Pounds
Takeoff or Landing 2,550 Pounds
Standard Empty Weight 1,486 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load 1,072 Pounds
Baggage Allowance 120 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 54 Gallons/50 Useable Gallons
Engine Avco Lycoming O&VO-360 SER/180 BHP at 2700 RPM
Propeller 76 inch diameter/Fixed Pitch
Electrical System 28 Volt with Alternator
Wingspan 36 Feet