Cessna 182J – N3372F – $134/hour wet

This Skylane C-182 J is a great plane to take out for the weekend. With a new paint job and interior, it is a great choice for taking out friends and family.

Performance - Specifications

Maximum at Sea Level 170 MPH
Cruise, 75% Power at 6500 Feet 162 MPH
Vne (Never Exceed Speed) 192 MPH
Vno (Max. Structural Cruising) 159 MPH


75% Power at 6500 Feet:
60 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 695 Nautical Miles/Time: 4.3 hours
65% Power Maximum Range at 10,000 Feet:
60 Gallons Usable Fuel Range: 785 Nautical Miles/Time: 7.6 hours


Rate of Climb at Sea Level 980 Feet Per Minute
Service Ceiling 18,900 Feet
Takeoff Performance:
Ground Roll 625 Feet
Landing Performance:
Ground Roll 590 Feet
Stall Speed (MPH, CAS):
Flaps Up, Power Off 64 MPH
Flaps Down, Power Off 55 MPH
Maximum Weight:
Ramp 2,800 Pounds
Takeoff or Landing 2,800 Pounds
Standard Empty Weight 1,708 Pounds
Maximum Useful Load 1091.31 Pounds
Baggage Allowance 120 Pounds
Fuel Capacity 65 Gallons / 60 Usable
Engine 225 HP 0-470 Lycoming
Propeller 82 inch diameter/ Constant Speed
Electrical System 14 Volt with Alternator
Wingspan 36 Feet 2 inch