Alex Toussaint - Flight Instructor

Alex Toussaint

Flight Instructor

Alex Toussaint comes to Front Range Flight School with 15 years of aviation instruction and knowledge. Alex is currently employed at the Aviation Department of the Metropolitan State University of Denver. He is the Lab Coordinator for the World Indoor Airport, managing all the aviation related simulators and equipment that is keep within the aviation department. Alex has an extended background in aviation being a chief pilot for a local flight school, a Part 135 On Demand Operation. He was also a corporate pilot for a local Denver company. His passion with aviation shows when he is teaching the art of flying to new and former students.


Breydon Franklin – Flight Instructor

Breydon Franklin

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (720) 340-9223
Education: Metropolitan State University of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Science
Certificates: Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instrument Rating, CFI/CFI-I

Breydon Franklin is a Colorado native and first generation pilot. He began his flying career in February 2016 and obtained his CFI-I certificate in less than one year. Breydon Franklin is in his senior year at Metropolitan State University of Denver and is in the process of completing his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation and Aerospace Science. He is in pursuit of becoming a professional pilot in the aviation industry.


Brian Eaton – Flight Instructor

Brian Eaton

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (720) 982-7263
Education: Metropolitan State University of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology
Certificates: Gold Seal CFI, CFII, MEI

Brian Eaton started flying as a child with his father, Burt, a Continental Airlines 737 Captain and has continued on to make a career of helping people learn to enjoy aviation in a safe and fun environment. While developing his teaching technique over the last decade Brian has come to enjoy building new relationships and sharing in the achievements and satisfaction his students feel with each milestone accomplished. It continues to be his pleasure to operate as Chief Pilot of Front Range Flight School where people can come together and be around like minded individuals who are passionate about aviation and work to help each become better pilots.

Rick McCullough – Flight Instructor

Rick McCullough

Chief Pilot/Flight Instructor

Mobile: (720) 280-7897
Education: Metropolitan State University of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Science, Regis University Masters Degree in Management Science
Certificates: CFI, CFII, Multi-Engine, CFIMEI

Rick McCullough recently retired from United Airlines after 39 years of service with 23,000 accident and incident free hours. He worked as a Captain, Line Checkman and Aircraft Fleet Manager for United Airlines 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 fleet. He also worked as Chief Pilot for United Airlines Los Angeles Flight Office and as an Event Review Chairman for United Airlines Aviation Safety Awareness Program.


Ronnea Derby – Flight Instructor

Ronnea Derby

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (623) 261-2834
Education: BS in Electrical Engineering
Certificates: Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor: Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor – Advanced Instrument

Ronnea is an Aerospace Engineer who is passionate about aviation and flying. She was introduced to aviation by her brother, who took her on her first flight in a helicopter while she was in elementary school. After graduating college, Ronnea began working for a major avionics manufacturer with a flying club and airplanes on site. There she developed software for a variety of avionics, earned her initial pilot certificates and taught ground school. Ronnea Derby believes that flight safety begins with initial flight training. According to her, “Air travel is the safest mode of transportation, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the fun of flying safely.”


Tim Sale - Mountain Flight Instructor

Tim Sale

Mountain Flight Instructor

Mobile: (303) 882-3659
Certificates: Commercial, ASES, ASEL, AMEL
Flight Instructor: CFI/CFII/MEI, Mountain and Tailwheel Instruction

Tim Sale has been flying in the Rockies for almost 40 years. His first mountain experience was in a Piper J-3 Cub. The J-3 Cub is grossly underpowered and flying one in the mountains takes a lot of skill. Tim’s students come from all over the USA and Canada to learn how to fly in the Rockies. His approach is to teach pilots how to safely fly in the mountains, not just over them. Tim will develop your skills on how to extract the maximum performance from your aircraft and use the terrain conditions in the mountains to their greatest extent.


Wade Wood – Flight Instructor

Wade Wood

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (303)931-1720
Education: B.S. Business Administration, University of Northern Colorado
Certificates: Commercial
Flight Instructor: CFI/CFII

Wade Wood first received his pilot license back in 1978. Over the course of the next two years he received his commercial license, instrument rating and his instructor rating. Wade then worked as an air traffic controller for the next twenty-five years at the Denver AARTC (Denver Center). After retiring in 2007, Wade decided to return to flight instruction and received his Instrument Instructor rating. Wade Wood holds ASEL Instructor rating and Instrument Instructor rating.