Bryan Mitchell – Flight Instructor

Bryan Mitchell

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (720) 646-2350
Education: Ohio State University
Certificates: CFI/CFII, AGI/IGI, Commercial Pilot ASEL, Instrument Rated

Bryan Mitchell is a Colorado native who has always liked transportation. Growing up, his family traveled to Hawaii every year and he’d always visit the cockpit at the gate. At age 17 he decided to become a pilot and began flight training; he has completed Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, and CFII thus far primarily in the Cessna 172. Bryan graduated from The Ohio State University in 2019 with a degree in Air Transportation, and his dream job is flying international wide-bodies for the airlines.
Outside of flying and aviation, Bryan enjoys international travel; his favorite visited countries are New Zealand, Thailand, and Sweden. He can also be found playing guitar and drums, and spending time with his cat Finn.