Erik Davis – Flight Instructor


Erik Davis

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (847) 571-1473

Erik began flying in 1989 at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois. There he earned his private, Instrument and Commercial and Multi-engine licenses. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management and an Associates of Applied Science in Aviation Flight. After graduation, he started working at Murray and Trettel Consulting meteorologists, and learned way more about the weather than he ever thought he would know! Following graduation, Erik only flew in small blocks, earning his CFI, but didn't fly much after that and he quit flying entirely after 2000. 2015 Erik decided to start flying again, first getting his flight review completed, then his instrument proficiency check finished up. He went right in and earned his Instrument Instructor. 2019 Erik now trains full time, students of all types. He is friendly, fair, and firm. He will completely train his students in the art and science of aviation and flying an airplane. He will challenge you to be a pilot beyond what you ever thought you'd be able to be.