Ronnea Derby – Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor Ronnea Derby | Front Range Flight School

Ronnea Derby

Flight Instructor

Mobile: (623) 261-2834
Education: BS in Electrical Engineering
Certificates: Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single & Multiengine Land, Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor: Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor – Advanced Instrument

Ronnea is an Aerospace Engineer who is passionate about aviation and flying. She was introduced to aviation by her brother, who took her on her first flight in a helicopter while she was in elementary school. After graduating college, Ronnea began working for a major avionics manufacturer with a flying club and airplanes on site. There she developed software for a variety of avionics, earned her initial pilot certificates and taught ground school.

Ronnea Derby believes that flight safety begins with initial flight training. According to her, “Air travel is the safest mode of transportation, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience the fun of flying safely.” She offers her students the confidence that comes with solid stick & rudder skills as well as an enduring safety culture.

Ronnea’s other interests include traveling, photography, national parks and using aviation as a vehicle to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among junior and senior high school students. She’s a member of 99s, AOPA, CAP, EAA, NAFI & WIA.